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  • Introduction

  • Thank you for choosing my book.

    This book is designed to help you pronounce, in Irish, some of the more common words and phrases used on a daily basis. The book can be used by beginners, and can also be a helpful aid for adults to assist children with their early Irish schooling.

    Included in the book are some simple ideas and exercise to assist you in pronouncing words from the Irish spelling. For example; the Irish word for "Irish" is (Gaeilge) pronounced (Gwail-ga).

    The book is simple and straightforward to use. I would suggest that you read the words two or three times in English, followed by the phonetics, until you feel comfortable enough pronouncing them. Then try reading the words from the Irish spelling. After a while you will begin to become familiar with, and understand how the Irish words are pronounced.

    Like in most languages, Irish has different dialects. Most people who speak Irish (Gaeilge), generally understand  and recognise where the Irish you are speaking comes from, and will generally assist you, so, on your journey, do not be afraid to use whatever Irish (Gaeiilge) you have, whenever you can.

    I hope you enjoy my book.

    copyright: John McClure